Page layout start

WARNING If you are one of the other 4 participants in the book collaboration, hide your eyes and ignore this post! I’m horrible and just can’t keep from sharing the start. Please forgive me! This is the starting pencil sketch. Color will be added in the form of colored pencil and watercolors. I still haveContinue reading “Page layout start”

Springing the brain

We are now entering the time of green. Everything is leafing out, pollen is flowing, lungs are coughing, sinuses are draining. Ahhh, spring! We’ve missed you! So many little things are going on with life, some not terribly interesting and others along the art line. I finally was well enough to travel to Eugene and startContinue reading “Springing the brain”

Old sketches

Life has been rather emotionally swamped this week. Artwork has been put aside so as to start working on clearing out my parents home. The insurance company came by Thursday and drop off the check for the totaled VW.  This weekend, there is a scheduled meeting of the siblings to determine what to do withContinue reading “Old sketches”