Springing the brain


We are now entering the time of green. Everything is leafing out, pollen is flowing, lungs are coughing, sinuses are draining. Ahhh, spring! We’ve missed you!

So many little things are going on with life, some not terribly interesting and others along the art line. I finally was well enough to travel to Eugene and start working on the new business (vacation rental property). Not much fun, but kinda a must since it’s a family operation.  In the art world, I commissioned a new table for the Takach press.

table_takach press

A dear printmaking friend’s husband is an amazing creator of everything. I asked if he could make me a table like he made for his wife, and I got it! I’m so happy!! Of course, it still requires some sort of finishing paint job, but that’s do-able. We made a big trip to the dump and the garage is feeling much more open. This will really help make prints happen over the next several months!

A friend has asked me to participate in the 2016 Philomath Open Studio Tour. Since my friend Judi was taking this year off (and I have only participated with her), I hadn’t thought anyone else would want me. Well, Faye Cummins has stepped in and asked me to join her for this year. I feel so honored! I really thought I was taking the season off, but maybe that’s changed. I met Faye through our arts critique group and she is such a wonderful enthusiastic person! How can I pass up the chance to exhibit in her space? Well, I guess I can officially announce I’ll be part of the 2016 guest artists.

cherry bee_2016

Our international collaboration group has decided on individual subject matters!  The new collaboration is print based, rather than a sketchbook. I won’t spoil anyone else’s ideas, but let you know I’ve put forward “pollinators” as my subject. Hopefully you can spot the honeybee in the center zone of this photo. I’ve found it’s very difficult to take clear images of bees in action, especially with slow cameras. We’re in the low 80’s today (26C) and everything is active outside. Wasps, yellow jackets and the little honey bees. It’s so nice to have warmth again.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Springing the brain

  1. Spring is such a great time for new starts! The end of a hot summer I think is the same here, looking forward to new projects and consolidating others. Pollinators is a great subject, and ideas are slowly emerging!

  2. So good to hear about all the positive things happening in your life Gale, including the beautiful weather!

    I very excited about our project and spending time thinking about it and what approach to take.

  3. What a gorgeous print table Gale, it looks beautifully made. I am also excited about all our ideas for the collaboration and have already decided on your image. I have bought my dry point supplies and hope to steal a bit of time from packing to practice. Hope I can get some to work without a press. I have started with acrylic plates while I practice the techniques. I just love learning new things. Karen

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