Rings to Bark

Whew! I finally worked through the initial stage of this particular portion of a larger work. The “tree rings to bark” represents a conifer cut down a year ago in the very early stage of decay. The wood rounds have been exposed to weather and checking/crack lines have formed over the surface. The bark has started toContinue reading “Rings to Bark”

Thinking Ahead

There are a couple of small shows approaching towards the end of the month/February that I would love to enter. However, it requires me actually sitting down and working in the studio. My brain still hasn’t been able to swing focus back to life here at home. The constant confrontation of daily things regarding my brother’s healthContinue reading “Thinking Ahead”

Rain, flooding & generally soggy days

Life in the Willamette valley has been a tad wet. Multiple fronts have moved in off the Pacific bringing inches of rain per day, high winds, flooding, downed trees & land slides. The freezing level yo-yo’d around from valley floor (200′) up to 8,000′. When I wrote last about not believing in snow for theContinue reading “Rain, flooding & generally soggy days”

The start of another week

Projects. So many to choose from and all involving some sort of due date.  So where do I start this week? It all depends. If the project feels like mental torture, I’ll avoid it. For example: last week creating bowls seemed to be at the bottom of my list even though there happens to beContinue reading “The start of another week”