Rings to Bark

rings to bark_galeeverettstudio

Whew! I finally worked through the initial stage of this particular portion of a larger work. The “tree rings to bark” represents a conifer cut down a year ago in the very early stage of decay. The wood rounds have been exposed to weather and checking/crack lines have formed over the surface. The bark has started to pull off the main trunk. Bark actually has properties that keep it from decomposing quickly in comparison to the rest of the tree structure.

The rings vary, sometimes becoming more squished together, probably due to something that confined the tree more (the house, shade, who knows!). I only cut 41 years of growth, but it was more like a 50 years old tree. Some of the early years were too difficult to cut.

Now it will need an application of acrylic washes, mounting to mulberry paper, and eventually a frame with back-lighting. Many more opportunities to flub things up!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Rings to Bark

    1. Aw, thanks Nancy. All it takes is patience and lots of xacto blades. I’ll be adding color tomorrow then hopefully mounting. Then I can test how it looks with light.
      Thanks for watching the progression!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! My fingers will appreciate a few days of rest before diving into the next cutting project. 😀

  1. What a amazing cut you have done. It is so detailed and beautiful. You really do some very inspirational work. Can’t wait to see the next stages. I have been doing a lot of watery research and have figured out two of the images I want to do in your book, can’t wait to start drawing. Karen

    1. I’m still contemplating what to create in your book. Maybe I’ll come across inspired things this weekend.
      Glad you are liking the piece! It means a lot to hear from my blog friends. Have a good weekend!

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