Half way there

close rings

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m just getting back home after several hours in Eugene with my brother. This is day 2 for the week, having spent Sunday afternoon taking him shopping and for a nice drive through the Rhododendron Garden. The Rhodies are still going, but it’s certainly past peak bloom. The paper project had to wait a bit. No cutting has happened since Saturday, but things certainly feel like they are progressing forward.

Karen Bailey

Another thing of note was the arrival of Karen’s book, via Anna, in the mail today.  A little piece of Australia in my home! Recently, we’ve had problems with our mail getting dropped off at other people’s homes which made me rather concerned for the package. Fortunately, it arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to working in it very very soon!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Half way there

    1. Slow improvement. He’s managed to regain quite a bit of his brain function and reasoning ability but his speech has gone down the tubes. Such a challenge when one doesn’t talk with people on a daily basis… 😦

      1. If he pushes himself to practice more, things could turn around for him. The pancreatitis will be with him for the remainder of his life including all the medications to help keep it under control.

      2. I know several people who are living with and managing pancreatitis very successfully, although they were never as bad as poor Tom to start with. It’s early days yet and he’s lucky to have such a wonderful family x

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