Thinking Ahead

There are a couple of small shows approaching towards the end of the month/February that I would love to enter. However, it requires me actually sitting down and working in the studio. My brain still hasn’t been able to swing focus back to life here at home. The constant confrontation of daily things regarding my brother’s healthContinue reading “Thinking Ahead”

Shifting Rooms

Day 28: I’ve managed to take quite a few days off from traveling back and forth to Eugene. Instead, I’ve been dealing with the mountain of laundry belonging to my brother and conversations with grumpy business landlords. On Monday Tom made a monumental improvement by being downgraded to “step-down” ICU. The next move will be aContinue reading “Shifting Rooms”

Settling in for the long haul

Tom continues to improve daily. He had yanked out his feeding tube back on Thursday night but they ended up approving of his swallowing ability so he’s now eating food. Dialysis continues but not on a daily basis. It’s now performed every other day and for just 4 hours. There is still hope that hisContinue reading “Settling in for the long haul”

Tracheostomy here we come!

Since I’m tired and want to make dinner, here is my write up posted on Facebook. Not such a great day today. We did get filled in on missing information regarding my brother by talking with both nurse and the doctor (each having a different view on the situation). On Sunday Tom became overly agitated andContinue reading “Tracheostomy here we come!”

Saturday hospital report

My apologies to those wanting art related things. My family is still engulfed in my brother’s health struggle and this blog is one way to keep in touch with loved ones around the world. Positive things on Saturday: Tom was experiencing more eye movement and actual eye closing. He is still having “cough/gaspings” with theContinue reading “Saturday hospital report”

It was going better…

Seriously, things were slowly creeping along in a slow but positive direction. He had even moved out of ICU to the step-down unit. It was all positive until this morning at 9:20 when his heart stopped. They performed CPR and got things going again and placed him back on the ventilator. He is now headingContinue reading “It was going better…”