Last night I was just tired and didn’t want to do an additional brain dump, even though things are looking better as the hours tick along. Wednesday, Dave and I spent a few hours with Tom in the morning. We were hoping to catch the doctor on his rounds, but it didn’t work. Tom was already 20 minutes into his 4 hr dialysis and the nurse took him of more of the sedation so we could visit. When a patient receives a tracheostomy, the procedure happens below the vocal chords. This cuts the air movement over the area creating speech and sound, so the patient is unable to talk. Tom was trying his darnedest to talk to us. We tried giving him a pen to write with, but that was too dangerous. He didn’t have that set of motor skills yet. His night was uneventful, which made me so happy! The nurse had ordered physical therapy for later in the day. 22 days in bed makes everyone pretty grumpy. There was also talk of getting a speech therapist to come work with him and evaluate the screwy swallowing ability. At about 1:40 remaining in his dialysis, we had to leave due to a clot that had formed in the machine. The dialysis nurse gowned up and we took our cue to exit. It was already noon by then so we wandered around to new areas of the hospital we hadn’t visited (sky bridge connection, a different coffee shop, wandering through the surgery waiting room). Terribly exciting! After a bit of lunch, we decided to head home. Other family was coming later in the afternoon and evening.

By 6pm, Tom was receiving some PT! They actually got him into a chair and  changed around some of his breathing tubes so it wasn’t a giant bulky mess attached to him. He was able to sit and watch some basketball, which he was really enjoying. If you put sports on, he’s a happy camper!

Today, Thursday, I’ve decided to take a day off from the hospital. Probably a good choice since we received a good dose of freezing rain this morning. I doubt it affected the roads much, but I’m pleased to just sit back and watch the birds visit the feeder and branches slowly thawing out. Last night I spent some time with a girlfriend who I’ve not seen for years. She prepared a beautiful gourmet meal with wine so I didn’t have to think about what to cook for dinner (and it will feed us tonight as well!).  Jen, if you’re reading, we both thank you so much for the yummy stuffed squash and all the extras! May your journey to the Bay Area go smoothly and be filled with much love!

I’m off to watch the birds again!



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2 thoughts on “Improving

  1. Gale,
    So good to hear about Tom’s continued improvement. You all are in a marathon with him, and good days help out a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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