Tracheostomy here we come!

Since I’m tired and want to make dinner, here is my write up posted on Facebook.

Not such a great day today. We did get filled in on missing information regarding my brother by talking with both nurse and the doctor (each having a different view on the situation). On Sunday Tom became overly agitated and confused by everything. He was thrashing about so severely that they thought it best to remove his breathing tube. After doing this, he started yelling and screaming to the point of where he wore himself out after some time. This was when his breathing started going downhill and they intubated him again (2:10am Monday). After consulting with both dr/nurse, we learned Tom’s cognitive abilities really were not all that great. He was about 50/50 with his responses and often got the answer wrong. So Monday’s visit was with a sedated brother. The family agreed to the staff performing a tracheostomy on Tuesday to remove the irritating throat tube but remain connected to the ventilator if needed. The doctor wants to get Tom off all sedation and narcotics to better evaluate what’s happening in his brain. They are looking for consistency in responses and he’s not doing that yet.
They remain puzzled by why his heart rate starts to decline and not pick up without the extra assistance. His body also takes twice as long to clear medications. An average person will clear some of the narcotics in a day to 48hrs. Tom is taking a week. His body is just so screwed up right now. Kim and I will be back in for a late afternoon visit to see how the procedure went. Maybe Dave too. We shall see. The doctor was pleased by Tom’s fight Sunday. The nurses had the opposite view.

Wow, we’ve been at this for 20 days today.

I’m sure tomorrow will bring a whole new batch of things to be concerned with… but that’s tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to grill some salmon, roast veggies, and drink some wine. I’m also super thankful that I’m not the first person the hospital calls to request permission. It’s a blessing to live 50 miles away, but I do feel horrible for my sister who lives there in town.



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4 thoughts on “Tracheostomy here we come!

  1. It really is a roller coaster – I guess you just have to take each day as it comes, and deal with each new issue relying on all the information that comes to you. It is interesting for an outsider like me to be able to follow Tom’s progress. He is very lucky to have such a supportive family, but I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. Thinking of you x.

  2. Gale, I am in awe of your calm and grace as you navigate this insanity. As always, my thoughts and hugs are sent your way. May today bring good news.

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