A use for tetanus shots

stabbing toolWhen an art process gets serious…

Needle felting by definition uses needles. You can’t get around it. You use different thicknesses and sometimes you jab your fingers. These needles have multiple barbs over the shaft which help push the wool strands into each other. Yesterday I stabbed myself pretty hard, indicating that I needed to step away from the project. Normally, I just do a quick jab through the outer skin. This one sank a needle (out of a possible 4) deep into the flesh of my left index finger. Bugger and hell it stung as I yanked it back out of the entry point (remember the barbs?!)! I gave it a good bleed  then hit it with hydrogen peroxide and iodine before wrapping it in gauze. I’m thankful it didn’t hit bone.  This sort of wound is what tetanus shots are designed for: a sharp object stab with nasty sheep poo remnants. Yummy. 

I could have avoided the situation by not starting. I had already put in about 4 hours plucking and carding some stubborn wool. My brain was tired and not paying attention to what my hands were doing. A recipe for disaster. I’ll keep the spot clean and watch for infection. Maybe it’s time for calmer work. Not sure what that might be, but possibly fencing in the fruit trees since the deer finally found them last night???? I still have over 2 hours of daylight remaining.

Lesson learned: don’t needle felt when tired and drink more water during the day!

Happy Friday!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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