A new project

remy in process july 28_geverettstudio

The weather is hot and I’m spending time inside with the AC, 32C is warmer than I can handle! My creative gears have shifted once again back into possible images for a couple of fundraisers. The above pooch belongs to a dog friend and photographer. I’ve not actually met this pup, but she’s beautiful and smart from watching training videos! He posted a particular photo one day that really grabbed my attention, which I noted. He enthusiastically send me several photos of Remy and I’m starting down a different journey with learning more about colored pencils. Hopefully I’ll learn more and he might get a drawing out of it or better yet, it will go into the 8″ x 8″ fundraiser for the Arts Center. Time will tell.

As the month of July progresses to completion, I figured out one thing: pushing energy into the public art project wasn’t something I want to do. The amount of time and energy required just isn’t in my vocabulary this summer. We have numerous time sensitive home projects that require more energy before fall and winter arrives. So, I’ll keep moving forward with my regular schedule and not introduce extra stress.

The garden is finally yielding food! I picked the first cucumbers yesterday and zucchini today. The kale has also been wonderful as it gets harvested twice a week. I’ll post garden photos in a few days.

Fingers crossed the remaining days of July continue smoothly into August.

Somerset paper, 6B pencil, Prismacolor pencils, Black Labrador subject

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “A new project

  1. So glad you won’t be pushing yourself for the public art project. Also great the garden is producing, sounds good. And Remy is a beauty, nice project. Take care of yourself and Dave and critters and garden is more than enough. Enjoy life, love, Jean

    1. Thanks Cathe. I’m in a phase of making what makes me happy. Learning on Remy is a great experience. I’m also digging into the Kenya photos for more animal love that also brings happiness. Hopefully something will be done enough for helping raise money for two amazing groups. 🥰

  2. When I saw that you had started with the eyes, my first thought was how brave that was! But you were right, the rest of the head is emerging so beautifully. It is going to be a wonderful portrait.

    1. I find that if the eyes are right, the rest works out. Currently struggling with a single cheetah that might get the same colored pencil work.

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