Garden Growth

garden july 31 2020 east_geverettstudio
A view towards the east down the two boxes. Zucchini dominating the foreground.
garden july 31 2020_geverttstudio
View looking west. 10’x 5′ box in foreground 
butternut growth_geverettstudio
Butternut Squash Plant
growing peas_geverettstudio
Pea Pods
Nasturtium Blooms
bumblebee on nepta_geverettstudio
Native bumblebee on catnip blooms

It’s the end of July and things are definitely growing! We’ve just had a week of high temps in the 90’s which made us shrink into our air conditioned home, but the plants have loved the heat. Zucchinis have graced our plates once so far and cucumbers have been on our salad three times. Kale is eaten daily, mainly in salads, but we still have a while before the tomatoes start showing color. I really need to get out there and cut back the enormous stem production on two plants (the other two I’ve kept in check).

The Nasturtiums finally opened yesterday, which was a great joy for me. The seeds were ones my father purchased in 2011. I only had about a 50% success rate on direct ground germination. At least they’re growing and blooming in time for the anniversary of his death (August 1, 2012).

The pea plants are grown from my mother’s seed collection. She had a beautiful small greenhouse on the coast where she grew many different veg. We will be having fresh peas in our salad soon!  The pea seeds were from a packet marked 2006.

The butternut squash plants continue to amaze me. Grown from an old squash I purchased early February, I pulled out the seeds in June and popped them into the ground after other things had been planted. They germinated within 4 days! I still have 6 plants after thinning and transplanting. They will be trained vertical since space is limited in the large box.

The bees continue to visit the garden, mainly spending time on the catnip plant. With such a healthy population of pollinators all flowering plants should be pollinated. I love seeing the native bees like the one above.

Happy Friday and I hope you all continue to stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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