Baby Birds

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Grumpy parent Black-Capped Chickadees have it out on the suet feeder

Rainy Afternoon Woodpecker watching
Juvenile male Downy Woodpecker and his mom
woodpecker messy mom_geverettstudio
Ready for more suet from mom
Feeding Time
Open wide!

The world around our home is filled with bird calls from first to last light. Parent birds are scrambling between their multiple offspring, feeding gaping mouths on nests to whining babies following around behind them. The above photos are of one patient mother Downy Woodpecker feeding her little boy. They do have a little girl as well who happened to be off feeding with the adult male.  Baby boy flew into the big glass door this morning. I didn’t hear the bump, but the dogs alerted about the downed bird. I went out and picked him up, did a quick check and set him up high on a pot of spent daffodils.  It took about 20 min for him to recover and fly off to mom. The photos were from after his crash. Doesn’t look too bad. Well, everyone is super frumpy looking due to the major rains.

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Photos taken with a Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80

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6 thoughts on “Baby Birds

  1. I’m amazed mother birds and animals bother with their young, baby birds are so demanding, We had a fawn born overnight in the front yard, about 16 hours later his mother tried to lead him to the woods, about 2/3 of the way there he turned around and headed back, laid down in some clover for a nap. half hour later he was back in the brush pile in front yard, would not obey Mom, there was a squirrel that had been watching him all day, maybe fawn liked the squirrel better since mom hid in the woods. At 1:30 that next morning I looked out and mom was still trying to get fawn to go with her, when I was up they were both gone. We all missed him, especially the squirrel, who has now disappeared all of them have.. My best nature story. Jean

    1. What a great story! It’s amazing anything survives to adulthood. I’m working on getting some video strings together of our backyard foxes. Maybe I’ll eventually figure out how to send you a link. Maybe I’ll have to upload to YouTube? Another technological hurdle to get through…

  2. Delightful. We have a surprising amount of birds considering we’re right in the centre of a city. Sparta is getting a bit too old to chase them now, but I still won’t trust her our of my sight. The magpies actively taunt her!

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