Deja vu

Here we are on day 57 and my brother is back in ICU. He had been making good progress during his first week at Oregon Rehabilitation Center. The first week walking goal of 150 feet assisted with a walker was totally achieved. He actually was doing 250 feet! Controlling his foot placement is still an issue. He was making small progress with swallowing (still giving him difficulty). Learning how to dress himself with minimal assistance was also moving forward. It was even getting easier to understand his speech! However, his body started doing some undesirable things. Internal bleeding is never a good thing! On Tuesday he was moved back to the main hospital to undergo testing. Major bummer! This morning they scoped his stomach and esophagus and gave that zone a clean bill of health. Tomorrow his is scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy to see what’s happening in the intestines. Personally, I’m hoping it’s all related to the family history of Celiac disease. Two out of 4 siblings currently have this diagnosis. We shall just wait and see.

When this all gets sorted out, we hope he will return to ORC to finish the work started. Once released from rehab, he will require another 2 months of 24/7 monitoring. Urgh! We started having the conversation yesterday about him moving into assisted living (but we called it an assisted apartment to make it more palatable). Of course he thinks it’s where he would end up for good (which isn’t the case) and he said he would rather live on the street with the homeless rather than go there. So the goal is to have us continue to emphasize the fact that it’s only temporary and the end goal is for him to be back home. I have to keep reminding myself how my mother-in-law went down a very difficult life changing road after multiple medical hurdles were thrown in her path. She worked through several long hospital stays, months of therapy and assisted living before she could finally get home. If my mother-in-law can find the strength to do it, then my 50 year old brother certainly can overcome these issues and thrive. 🙂

Nigel kitty is ready to have his drainage tube removed Friday. The abscess is finally healing after a $600 surgery and recheck. I and the rest of the household will be looking forward to booting him out of solitary confinement and back to the garage. Howling cat, both day and night, makes for grumpy people and barking dogs. I would love to get a good sleep again…. maybe…. someday…. Probably won’t happen until after late February when the boys leave…. Pets are a pain! But I love them dearly!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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