Glimmer of hope

We’ve been in a stale mate for a couple of days regarding my brother’s health. There was a huge infection in his abdomen that was drained along with some breathing difficulties back on Thursday. This morning, my sister-in-law called the hospital for an update and it was actually a little positive. Tom was responding toContinue reading “Glimmer of hope”

Saturday hospital report

My apologies to those wanting art related things. My family is still engulfed in my brother’s health struggle and this blog is one way to keep in touch with loved ones around the world. Positive things on Saturday: Tom was experiencing more eye movement and actual eye closing. He is still having “cough/gaspings” with theContinue reading “Saturday hospital report”

More info on my brother

Hi all! Yes, this is another update on my brother Tom. I have quite a few family members abroad who are keeping track of events through this post.  Sorry, no art stuff. The doctors have ruled out a clostridium difficile bacterial infection. His temperature is much higher and he has better color. Unfortunately there hasn’t beenContinue reading “More info on my brother”

Confronting death yet agin

Yesterday I almost lost my brother. I’m thankful he managed to call our sister and she had enough sense to tell him to call 911. The paramedics arrived as she pulled in. He was having breathing difficulties, skin was blue, hypothermic and severely dehydrated. He was rushed to the ER where the doctors there saidContinue reading “Confronting death yet agin”