The start of another week

Projects. So many to choose from and all involving some sort of due date.  So where do I start this week?

It all depends. If the project feels like mental torture, I’ll avoid it. For example: last week creating bowls seemed to be at the bottom of my list even though there happens to be money involved. Weird. This week, completing the final print for the trio of wildflowers seems like the hardest to mentally overcome. So I’m giving it a break. Instead I’ll work on bowls & cut paper silhouettes. What ever happened to all those dog prints? Maybe that’s for the following week.

Monday I created 16 wheel thrown bowls. Not bad for 25# of clay.  I’m hoping they won’t be too large for a special order. There still remains a mental pressure of needing to finish individual soup bowls for the rest of the family in Texas/Chicago/ Connecticut (25 bowls total). At 3 am Tuesday (a touch of insomnia creeping in) I figured out the solution. Those who didn’t receive the soup bowls will now receive a single serving bowl per home. This will allow me an opportunity to play with larger lumps of clay and try a little different form. Maybe I’ll get the rice bowls thrown today or tomorrow.  Trimming on Thursday/Friday? A distinct possibility since Saturday is the new tub installation day. Yes, we did have a touch of snow that altered my dad’s ability to return to the valley, but the rain seems to be back now.

Sea Squirts progress: Only five more to deck out with tentacles to bring the total up to 24! The squirts took on the new name of “Pulpo”. That’s octopus in Spanish. There’s just something about that word that I find endearing. However, looking at the vat of baby octopus in the fish market Saturday was terribly unappetizing. With the hubby fluent in Spanish and me not, I surprised him by calling them the correct name. It wasn’t even labeled that way. The word must have seeped into my lingo via cooking shows. I love eating well prepared squid but find it difficult to consume its cousin. Anyway, the name shift will only apply to those with curling tentacles. The short straight tentacles will remain Squirts. Color choice to be determined very soon.

The trillium print is still transitioning and will look better once I better define leaf vs petal (watercolors will help too)?  Maybe. It’s all too similar looking right now. Today I realized that the trio of wildflower images will not be the donation for The Arts Center. Instead I’ll create a smaller version of  “A Walk in the Woods” for Chocolate Fantasy. More silhouette cutting to come over the next several days.

Saturday is the drop-off for the community art show in Corvallis. The newly covered walls will go through some major trauma with this starting show. Think floor to the top of the walls covered in art! Nail holes everywhere! Tomorrow I’m scheduled to help participate with wall painting.  Hopefully  I’ll have a car to use. Will I be participating in the community show this year? I guess. Not terribly enthusiastic about it. I’ll probably drop off a shooting star print. Nothing flashy but something that might sell.

Onward with the week!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “The start of another week

    1. Too funny! Production ware has not my forte- probably because it’s too mentally painful to create the same shape over & over again. This week it’s been more zen like… not certain how long that will hold up!

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