Shooting Star Flower

The Shooting Star print will be moving out the door for a show in January/February 2012. The Epiphany Festival of the Arts will be held at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Corvallis. I’m looking forward to having more people see my work. I’ll probably be dropping off 2 to 3 botanical imagesContinue reading “Shooting Star Flower”

Back to printing

December 23rd, I cranked out part of an edition of a couple botanical blocks. The first was one of my favorite wildflowers, Shooting Stars. We can see them in the woods near home and up into the higher elevations of the Cascades. The second print, another favorite, Camas. This plant happens to be found throughoutContinue reading “Back to printing”

Christmas Eve Sunset

We were fortunate, here in the Willamette Valley, to witness a stunning sunsets on Christmas Eve. We were traveling to Eugene for the family crab feed and I actually had the camera (amazing cause I always forget). Dave managed to find a couple of good pull-offs along Peoria Rd.  The hills are part of theContinue reading “Christmas Eve Sunset”

Bowls and prints out the door!

I had a few side emails from friends & family wondering how the bowls turned out. Nothing exploded in the kiln, which is a good thing! They were plopped into the kiln on the damp side after glazing. Those muffled thuds must have come from the neighbors house, not my garage. This is all aContinue reading “Bowls and prints out the door!”

Kiln findings

It’s been well over a year since opening the kiln last and I was surprised to find work waiting to be fired.  Two mugs, a canister that was supposed to be a tea pot, trials of some printmaking techniques and a few crazy sea squirt creations. Back in the winter of 2009, I had theContinue reading “Kiln findings”

More throwing & trimming

Many people love heading to malls for shopping but I can’t stand it. My worst nightmare is to be stuck in a mob of insane shoppers during the Christmas holiday. When I was younger it was fun to go and dream of purchasing nice clothing, cool gadgets, and a variety of stuff. Then I grewContinue reading “More throwing & trimming”

Throwing Bowls

How long has it been? One, two, four or even five years since tackling any wheel thrown projects?  Such a long hiatus. Can I actually center & pull up walls? Yes! Kind of. Fortunately new clay was purchased on Monday. Wednesday my big sister helped move the wheel back inside.  I finally gathered all theContinue reading “Throwing Bowls”