Back to printing

December 23rd, I cranked out part of an edition of a couple botanical blocks. The first was one of my favorite wildflowers, Shooting Stars. We can see them in the woods near home and up into the higher elevations of the Cascades.

The second print, another favorite, Camas. This plant happens to be found throughout the Pacific Northwest, but beyond that I don’t know. It was part of the staple diet for Native Americans living in the Willamette Valley. One of the local tribes, the Kalapuya, would harvest the root, pound it & dry it into a flour like substance. The plant lives in wet areas and drainage zones known as swales. I don’t have any on my property, but there is a good stand in my neighbors backyard. I just hope he doesn’t destroy them with all the lawn cutting. Maybe I need to transplant a few…

The Camas & Shooting Star prints will be hand colored. Time for watercolor research to start! I’ve been contemplating Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolor inks but have not tried them out. A trip to an art shop might be in store for today.

Maria, you are one step closer to getting your print!

Materials: Hosho paper & Daniel Smith oil based etching ink

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Back to printing

    1. Kind of, sort of. I have works due next week for a show. Still trying to figure out what to put in. Watching NHK World tonight…

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