Annie in red test

Decisions, decisions… What color to choose for Annie’s scarf? I did an experiment using red vellum & a pair of scissors to get an idea. It  involved creating two prints & combining…. not what I would actually be doing. There was a discovery when printing on vellum:  oil based ink doesn’t dry. Wonder if theContinue reading “Annie in red test”

Annie getting closer…

It’s been almost a week since working on Annie. My mental deadline for accomplishing 4 dog prints before Thanksgiving has been blown. Oh well! Life happens amongst art projects.  Still working my way to the center of this block (nose & mouth zone) and trying to figure out how the scarf should be draping aroundContinue reading “Annie getting closer…”

Pug time!

Here comes Annie, bursting through the block. She lives in Corvallis with an incredible family I dearly love. Four in all: Bruce works with my husband Dave, Ella is a phenomenal mosaic artist (Sacred Shard Mosaics) plus good friend, and the girls are just the best (artists, athletes…. you name it!! They graciously share Annie’sContinue reading “Pug time!”

A little Emma time

Thanksgiving is this next week and my house is a total disaster. Rather than start cleaning, I started printing & making a larger mess. It had been several weeks since last working on this block and I determined that wasn’t good. Especially after I started cutting away more. But other art projects needed my attentionContinue reading “A little Emma time”

A lot of Reggie!

Yesterday afternoon during a torrential downpour, I worked my way through part of an edition of Reggie dog.  Today I pulled them out from under the blotters and sorted quality. Looks like five don’t make the cut so far. Still wondering how large an edition I should create. How many Labradoodle lovers are out thereContinue reading “A lot of Reggie!”

Botanical Silhouettes: hand-cut paper

Framed and ready for a holiday purchase, these three hand- cut paper botanical silhouettes would make a nice gift for plant and nature loving folks.  Frame dimensions: 10″x 10″x 1.75″. Cut paper dimension: 4″x 4″ Queen Anne’s Lace Wild Geranium Bracken Fern These will be available in Corvallis Oregon at The Arts Center.

Portal Project: Specimen 379 almost complete!

A foggy grey day has greeted us on 11.11.11 here in the Willamette Valley. Not terribly surprising since it was so foggy last night on the dog walk (but under the full moon light!). This morning I plugged in the sculpture to enjoy it’s glow while sipping a cup of tea & listening to Debussy.Continue reading “Portal Project: Specimen 379 almost complete!”

Terrier on a Bench Print: day 2

Ah, the best way to spend a birthday is by working on art! Emma’s wavy chest hairs have taken form. Feet are taking form too.  This print will probably be titled “Sit”.  Tomorrow I’ll need to get back to work on the Portal piece since the due date is approaching. Then there is the NovContinue reading “Terrier on a Bench Print: day 2”