Anemone Lamp progress

*Lamp design for About Light show in November at The Arts Center of Corvallis* Design Progress: It’s Wednesday September 4th and the clock is ticking down. Somehow I managed to stash myself inside the studio and force ideas onto actual paper with blade. Having a few parts started helps immensely. Shifting things around on theContinue reading “Anemone Lamp progress”

Botanical Silhouettes: hand-cut paper

Framed and ready for a holiday purchase, these three hand- cut paper botanical silhouettes would make a nice gift for plant and nature loving folks.  Frame dimensions: 10″x 10″x 1.75″. Cut paper dimension: 4″x 4″ Queen Anne’s Lace Wild Geranium Bracken Fern These will be available in Corvallis Oregon at The Arts Center.