Anemone Lamp progress

anemone panel idea cropped_web

*Lamp design for About Light show in November at The Arts Center of Corvallis*

Design Progress: It’s Wednesday September 4th and the clock is ticking down. Somehow I managed to stash myself inside the studio and force ideas onto actual paper with blade. Having a few parts started helps immensely. Shifting things around on the page physically makes more sense in my head. The whole thing started with photos and drawings. The finished panels will be 6 inches by 12 to 14 inches (still working on the height issue). Will each panel be a different design? All the same? More things to work out.

This isn’t coming terribly easy to my brain because I haven’t been seriously working in paper for many months. My hope is to at least secure the design before I depart September 22. Will I be able to accomplish the Display Narrative before departure too? Uncertain on that one! I can only hope that I return from Africa without major illness. Coming home sick would throw everything totally off track!

I started a Border Collie for a friend of a friend who just lost her mother. So many friends are losing parents right now. We too are going through the final weeks/days (?) with my mother-in-law due to vascular dementia.  Big hugs to my Texas family on the forefront of this process. Such a sad time for all.

On a totally different note: 


We have rats! Urgh! I’m used to mice but this wasn’t what I wanted roaming around under the bird feeders. The dogs have been trying to catch them daily, but so far no luck. Think I need to bring in a few trained Barn Hunt dogs!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Anemone Lamp progress

      1. And I meant to say I feel for you about your mother in law. It’s not a good time to be going through, but it does prompt memories and contemplation. I hope it is calm and peaceful for her.

    1. Emotions are certainly flowing. I keep thinking back to my own mothers death process. This is probably why I have stepped back into studio time to soothe the brain.

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