Life speed ahead!

Woodland Skipper

It’s almost September! Am I freaking out yet? YES!!!

Looking back over the past couple of months I realized how little I’ve been contributing on this site. Where did that last posting go (besides being filed in my brain)? Why didn’t I add the completed book page? Sitka Class? Felted creatures?  I seem to be having issues keeping track of everything going on around me. Maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe I’m feeling spread thin again? Maybe not enough stuff happening? Decreased medication load?

What’s on deck: One piece of artwork was donated to The Arts Center for their fall fundraiser Art for the Heart October 5th. Another work is in design stages for a show in November, needing completion before heading to Africa. A dog drawing for the final book for Cathe has been started, but not much progress of late and requires completion before Africa. Africa is setting a deep deadline!!

Accomplishments: A vegetable garden is growing! I’ve knitted two hats, with one being from wool that I spun! Below are some of the projects I’ve been working through in no particular order:

More fluffy sheep. I love making these guys now. I’ll put them on ETSY in late October.
Running with Scissors. My contribution to a class prayer flag during Sitka.
Wearable cut paper shawl cut from Tyvek and dyed with inks. Created during the sitka class
Crazy bird mask created in the sitka class
Iris for Karen. Watercolor, pen, pencil, colored pencil
Bandit in felt with leather collar and fimo clay heart.
Little Hazel. Felt with a Fimo heart
Andrews hat_hand spun wool
Hat created from a wool-blend roving, hand spun by me! 
Hand spun Shetland Sheep wool. Yes I really did spin this!

And the non-art creation, but helps contribute towards artful eating:

Garden just after planting in early July


August 29, 2019 Garden: Tomatoes have taken over!

I think I’ll leave things here for now but with a little taste of Africa to come…

Royal Mara River
River in the Royal Mara, Kenya
Royal Mara Lion Track
Lion print in mud, Kenya Africa

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

13 thoughts on “Life speed ahead!

  1. Gail, when do you leave for Kenya? I’m sure you are with a group and someone who knows the territories you’ll be visiting and conditions you’ll find One of my favorite authors is in Nairobi, she wrote a short book of her experiences when they first moved there. I’d forward it to you but you don’t have time to read it. Love your garcts, I’ve always wondered how it would be to spin wool. Love, and prayers, Aunt Jean

  2. So cool to see all that you are up to! You are crazy busy! I ‘m loving your felted dogs, spun wool, now caps – amazing! Don’t worry about my book, it can wait till later. You have a super serious trip coming up. I’m sure you are getting ready especially now that it’s September. I had to laugh, I haven’t visited my blog in over a year, yikes. It all takes time, something in short demand these days.

    1. Hey Cathe! I am still hoping for the deadline to get my ass in gear for competing the book before departing. We’re also dealing with the failing health of my mother in law. Hubby is down visiting at the moment. I suspect that things might decline more quickly over the next week or so. Dementia is hard for all involved.
      Anyway, I’m thinking about you and your amazing book that awaits attention. 😁

      1. I’m very sorry to hear about your mother in law. Dementia is rough on everyone. Africa will be a great change of scene and inspiration. I’m headed out on the 25th so seriously, if you are stretched for time, don’t worry about my book. Take care!

  3. You are amazing Gale, such a wonderful variety of things you are involved in. Your felted animals are fabulous – you can think so successfully in both 2D and 3D! Your Africa trip will be so exciting, heaps of inspiration there!

    1. I think I’m just insane for having so many things jumping around the brain. Looking forward to seeing some amazing wildlife and bringing home some more inspiration for sculpture, prints, and drawings!

  4. girl – you never cease to amaze…..totally in love with your flag, cape, and mask from your workshop…..just love you and your wonderful work…..thanks so much for sharing it all with us! xoxoxo

    On Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 12:30 PM Sticks, Stones, and Paper Stew Blog wrote:

    > paperstew posted: ” It’s almost September! Am I freaking out yet? YES!!! > Looking back over the past couple of months I realized how little I’ve been > contributing on this site. Where did that last posting go (besides being > filed in my brain)? Why didn’t I add the completed” >

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