Portal Project: Specimen 379 almost complete!

A foggy grey day has greeted us on 11.11.11 here in the Willamette Valley. Not terribly surprising since it was so foggy last night on the dog walk (but under the full moon light!). This morning I plugged in the sculpture to enjoy it’s glow while sipping a cup of tea & listening to Debussy. I think I like it.  Kind of a funny statement from the artist, but true. I don’t always like projects when finished. Sometimes you have to live with it a while before accepting it as your own creation. This one won’t hang around home much longer. Delivery to The Arts Center will happen on Sunday. Someone out there will find it interesting and give it a good home (hopefully at a good price). The Silent Auction starts on November 26th.

Whats remaining before completion? The stand that houses the transformer and wires looks clean & has plenty of room. Still have trim to attach that will keep the main sculpture in place but allow air flow. Guess I also need to shorten the wiring inside. 6+ feet of extra wires bundled up underneath is not necessary. A felt bottom will also be attached. It also needs to be signed & labeled.   Below are the current images of Side A & Side B


Above: Side A- lighted in the light & lighted in the dark

Below: Side B- lighted in the light & lighted in the dark

Overall size: Length:12″ Width: 6.5″  Height: 19″

Materials: wood, wire, coffee dyed tracing paper, thread, LED light strips.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Portal Project: Specimen 379 almost complete!

    1. Thanks so much Karen. I’m hoping to get it photographed professionally by a good friend soon, if I can smuggle it out of the show for an evening!

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