Border Collie print contd.

Rogue is slowly coming forward from the block. Some of his black spots have disappeared and his nose is a bit funky, but no worries. It’s still the boy! Kind of dreading getting into the ear section and have yet to decide how the background will come together. Also contemplating the ball… yes there isContinue reading “Border Collie print contd.”

Portals Project: day 8

Today progress was made!  The casement finally fits the sculpture. This took many hours of increasing the interior dimensions to squeeze the piece in. Lots of sanding & chisel work. Probably would have been easier if I had just gone out and purchased new wood.  I also tested the lighting just for fun.  Ahh, it’sContinue reading “Portals Project: day 8”

Portals Project: day 7

Our first frosty morning was spent cutting hemlock boards in the garage.  Cold! Why do I decide to work on wood projects during cold weather? Why not during the summer? Guess they just never surface during warmer weather… or the garage is too hot during the summer. Picky, picky, picky! 😉 This is the casementContinue reading “Portals Project: day 7”

Portals project: day 6?

Here are images of the covered piece. Looking  a bit like alien tissue samples or possibly dragon. Hummm….. another world! close up look: the flip side: Lighting and framing to come. Picked up some short LED strips at IKEA on Sunday. Think they will work just fine except the cords are so horribly long. Shortening?Continue reading “Portals project: day 6?”

Portals Project: day 4

Today was about tubes: getting them covered, secured and starting the sewing process. Where I started this morning: Nothing terribly new… Close up of the coffee paper: Covering a tube. Kind of reminds me of cow trachea or a caddis fly during their water stage. All three tubes covered:  it will get better in aContinue reading “Portals Project: day 4”

Portals Project: day 3

Today was a paper testing day. Since I have only produced three sheets of the coffee dyed paper I wanted to use some of the heavily textured (& no coffee) paper as a trial for gluing techniques. Back in August I created a “panel” to demo my concept. Now that the main work is inContinue reading “Portals Project: day 3”

Portals Project: day 2

So, I’ve reached a break in the day and thought progress photos were called for. Plus my fingers hurt from wire work! Here is today’s progression: Finished attaching 16g wire to staples and started stringing 22g across surface. Tunnel starts… 3 tunnels attached… Now I have to figure out how many total to create andContinue reading “Portals Project: day 2”

Portal Project start

The clock is ticking towards the delivery date in November for the Arts Center’s Winter Show & Silent Auction.  This years theme is “Portals” . When I initially signed up for the project, my motivation was high. Ideas were flowing left & right. Here we are at mid October and I’m wondering where did theyContinue reading “Portal Project start”

Labradoodle print: second try

It’s always so easy to make a wrong cut when working with block prints. On examination of the first block I realized Reggie’s lower jaw had just become hair. So, I pulled out another block and started over. It’s getting pretty close to completion now!