Portals Project: day 4

Today was about tubes: getting them covered, secured and starting the sewing process.

Where I started this morning: Nothing terribly new…

Close up of the coffee paper:

Covering a tube. Kind of reminds me of cow trachea or a caddis fly during their water stage.

All three tubes covered:  it will get better in a few days!

Now on to the stitching which proved harder than I originally thought!

It’s certainly taking on an organic look as it progresses.  Very reminiscent of blood vessels, trachea and what have you. My flow of energy towards this work is greatly improved.  At some point soon, I’ll be needing to compose my thoughts into writing to accompany the work. What is it’s meaning? What is it’s title?  So far I’ve been contemplating the title “Within”.  Probably lingering thoughts about how bone marrow can stop producing platelets (my mom) plus blood cancer and how works against the body (my dad). More to mull over…

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Portals Project: day 4

    1. I’m working on a story for it. That will be coming forward pretty soon and it’s humorous. I had to move completely away from home/family influences and to to something WAY out there…. alien tissue sample….:)

      1. “I had to move completely away from home/family influences…”

        I can completely relate to this. You wind up editing yourself, otherwise. Good luck with the story!

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