Portal Project start

The clock is ticking towards the delivery date in November for the Arts Center’s Winter Show & Silent Auction.  This years theme is “Portals” . When I initially signed up for the project, my motivation was high. Ideas were flowing left & right. Here we are at mid October and I’m wondering where did they go? Actually the ideas are still there, just taking on a little different form. The initial plan contained a sort of a worm hole or internal organ look created using wire and hog gut, framed in hemlock. The wire work is pretty straight forward, but how to attach it to a frame & not look horrible, that will be the trick.

Today I worked on interior frame that will receive wire and gut.

The wood is recycled hemlock trim from one of the doors in the house. I yanked the nails, sanded the heck out of it and stained it with a dark walnut Danish Oil. Peew! It’s still out gassing and probably not the best thing to be breathing in. The main frames are secured together using wood glue and dowels. Spacer blocks are attached using wood screws.

16 g. annealed wire is attached to staples with thinner wire.

Currently, it has the look of a bottomless fruit box with goofy looking wire trim.

It will take on an exterior covering and LED lighting system. Yes, I just can’t stay away from lit works right now.

Show dates:  November 25 to December 24, 2011.

Silent auction begins at 5:30 November 25 and ends Dec 17th.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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