Dogs and copper plates 

I’ve been contemplating what to create for this years “Leftovers ” print exchange. The last 3 entries have been dog portraits, something near and dear to my heart. So far my idea is to do a dry point etching of Hazel with an empty dog dish. Recently I ran across a book in my collectionContinue reading “Dogs and copper plates “

Going to the Dogs

During the final week of September, local artists were able to submit a trio of works to be juried into the Corrine Woodman gallery for the 2013 season. I hmmed and hawed and finally submitted three dog print images. They were all works viewed by friends on Facebook , Etsy, or for those who happenedContinue reading “Going to the Dogs”

A little Emma time

Thanksgiving is this next week and my house is a total disaster. Rather than start cleaning, I started printing & making a larger mess. It had been several weeks since last working on this block and I determined that wasn’t good. Especially after I started cutting away more. But other art projects needed my attentionContinue reading “A little Emma time”

Terrier on a Bench Print: day 2

Ah, the best way to spend a birthday is by working on art! Emma’s wavy chest hairs have taken form. Feet are taking form too.  This print will probably be titled “Sit”.  Tomorrow I’ll need to get back to work on the Portal piece since the due date is approaching. Then there is the NovContinue reading “Terrier on a Bench Print: day 2”

Terrier on a Bench Print: start

I’m procrastinating heading into the DMV to renew my license.  So like all good art procrastinators, I started a new project. Emma belongs to Cynthia & Patrick. The end block print will be 6″x 8″. Why green? I like to use pigment inks to test images rather than inking up a roller and making aContinue reading “Terrier on a Bench Print: start”

Terrier Print continued

Yesterday I started a print in honor of a friends birthday. Today I’ve finished it. Images below show the next proofs in the series. Overall, the image works for the most part. If I were to do it again, the nose would change (a bit higher and larger on the face) Also would work onContinue reading “Terrier Print continued”

Start of Terrier Print

We are invited to attend a good friends 55 birthday party on Saturday. He is a dog lover extraordinaire so I thought “why not create a little dog art!”.  Patrick & Cynthia recently put down their old terrier. Unfortunately, I have lost all my reference photos of little old Danny, so a generic Boarder TerrierContinue reading “Start of Terrier Print”