Terrier Print continued

Yesterday I started a print in honor of a friends birthday. Today I’ve finished it. Images below show the next proofs in the series.

Overall, the image works for the most part. If I were to do it again, the nose would change (a bit higher and larger on the face) Also would work on shading more. I might be able to pop some watercolors in before mounting, darkening the eyes & nose. I’m certainly more pleased with the dark brown ink. The blue was bugging me. The image is hand printed on mulberry paper.

Signing information found on prints:

Most people purchase hand pulled prints that feature a number in an edition(ie. 2/25), plus a title,  artist signature and date.  Some prints show other identifiers like the ones below.

S/P: state proofs show early development changes before the final edition

T/P: Trial proofs are early proofs focusing on color or wiping technique changes.

BAT: Bon a tirer proof= good to print! Enough said!

A/P: Artist’s Proof is a reserved portion of an edition that the artist holds on to, typically 10%-15% of the edition.

So, after looking at the list, the blue dog images are S/P’s and the dark brown print would be considered a BAT. In school we were required to turn in examples of all the different state & trial proofs along with the final edition. It’s certainly nice to see the progression of work but I’m happy to recycle the in between stages!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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