Autumn inspiration

Life is calming down as the weather shifts towards rain. A couple of friends took a nature printing class that inspired me to play with leaves, colors, and cloth. Since I really have no idea what I’m doing, the mark of a true adventure, I pulled out fabric screen ink, waxed paper, paper towels, andContinue reading “Autumn inspiration”

Getting Fishy

Wednesday I finished off the remaining few pounds of clay in hopes of creating a few more items to print on. Another larger vase, a few potential mugs of various sizes and a small cup. After cleanup, I went through my print drawers searching for potential images. I ran across some that were created 7Continue reading “Getting Fishy”

Ink change

Today, my finger joints were bugging me so I chose to do limited work on the block. Gripping the dry point needle is very uncomfortable. There remains quite a bit to resolve on the bird and fingers but I’m feeling good about the whole image. A proof using thickened oil based ink (a bunch ofContinue reading “Ink change”

Buttons & Trillium

Wow, what happened to my day? My big sister came for an afternoon visit & plans shifted. Two weeks ago she & I had started talking about creating ceramic buttons. We found some sweet hand made ones at the new yarn shop in Corvallis. I said “We can make those and have Kirsten (her daughter)Continue reading “Buttons & Trillium”

Shooting Star Flower

The Shooting Star print will be moving out the door for a show in January/February 2012. The Epiphany Festival of the Arts will be held at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Corvallis. I’m looking forward to having more people see my work. I’ll probably be dropping off 2 to 3 botanical imagesContinue reading “Shooting Star Flower”

Sleep Deprivation and Demon Dogs

This morning started early due to “Demon Dog” Moby jumping on the bed. 70 lbs of leaping dog is  something you can’t miss, especially when it’s on your sided.  Nudging, pushing, standing over the top of me staring, stepping all over my legs, the Beast was making his point loud and clear. Hungry! Food please?!Continue reading “Sleep Deprivation and Demon Dogs”

Studio Photos & Card Making: day 2

Since there is often quite a bit of down time waiting for screens or paper to dry, I thought it might be nice for you to see my printmaking space prior to finishing the screen show. The slat wall helps hold many printmaking supplies along with journals and a mish-mash of items. The flat fileContinue reading “Studio Photos & Card Making: day 2”

Creating Cards

I have been looking around the studio in search of cards to sell during the upcoming event in July and discovered only one left. Wow, guess it’s time to get cracking on more! The last set were actually scrounged leftovers from a different project. Too many House 4E prayer flags created on paper so IContinue reading “Creating Cards”

Moving towards new products…

Woodworking is a love/hate relationship at my studio. I need to create using wood in order to help display other works, but really lack confidence and tool know how. My father is a good wood crafter, producing furniture, building houses & cabinetry, but I have not yet taken advantage of his knowledge (and he’s 84Continue reading “Moving towards new products…”

Wildflower blockprint proofs

There hasn’t been a lot happening in the studio over the past several weeks. However, having a friend come over to work on printmaking helped spur along two block ideas.  The images are still part of the Forest Series, but will take on their own life.  They will be displayed in a different hanging system…Continue reading “Wildflower blockprint proofs”