Creating Cards

I have been looking around the studio in search of cards to sell during the upcoming event in July and discovered only one left. Wow, guess it’s time to get cracking on more!

The last set were actually scrounged leftovers from a different project. Too many House 4E prayer flags created on paper so I found other ways to cope. Just cut certain parts down into cards! Hurray! I’ve mainly used them for thank you notes and stuff like that. Several were sold to a friend. This time I’m blocking in my screen for true card production.

How I begin- Step One: choose 9 images from my silhouette collection that might make interesting cards…. and draw them on a screen.  Step 2:  fill in the line drawings with drawing fluid. See the below images for the progression.

Now moving on to row 2…

Turn the frame and make it more legible for the viewers….

The view from my outdoor work table…

The completed image ready for overnight drying then a coat of screen filler.

Now for a couple images of my official “Table Bumping Group”.

Below are George, Maggie & Dave’s legs.

Next up is Maggie hiding in the ferns from Moby. Smart girl!

And now, the grand Table Bumper himself …  MOBY!

Actually, that’s not quite correct. I think Dave bumped the table more than the dogs did all afternoon. Oh, Maggie is just staying for a week. Kind of nice to have a 35# Border Collie around (half the weight of Moby) and a perfect height!

Tomorrows Project: Screen Filling! Will it be a disaster or not?

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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