Wildflower blockprint proofs

There hasn’t been a lot happening in the studio over the past several weeks. However, having a friend come over to work on printmaking helped spur along two block ideas.  The images are still part of the Forest Series, but will take on their own life.  They will be displayed in a different hanging system… a combination of “A Walk in the Woods” & “Journal Entry“. The images are nothing super fancy, trying to go for simple and eventually recognizable native plants. Well, if you happen to know what Camas & Shooting Stars are!

They are state proofs (meaning they are still changing).

Camas block is 4″ x 8″

Shooting Star proof 4″ x 4″

When the images are complete, they will be hand water colored like those previously created for “Journal Entry“. That’s all for today!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Wildflower blockprint proofs

  1. OK, so where is the cool website where we can buy your things? I’ve been reading through your blogs and especially about all the things being created for the Arts Center. I love this shooting star, though – it is my favorite this moment. Will these become prints? The ferns looked awesome as cards. Nice work, as ever!

    1. Soon my dear! I’m a little engulfed in the branch project at the moment. Camas print is almost complete and the shooting star is done. Been working on my watercoloring technique and think it’s time for a new set. I’ll keep you updated! I was thinking about you & your fam yesterday on the beautiful drive into work yesterday. Clear blue skies! 🙂

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