Bowls and prints out the door!

I had a few side emails from friends & family wondering how the bowls turned out. Nothing exploded in the kiln, which is a good thing! They were plopped into the kiln on the damp side after glazing. Those muffled thuds must have come from the neighbors house, not my garage. This is all a learning experience that will get tweaked a tad more with each batch to come. Color intensity was lost with exception of the blue. I need to apply the underglazes evenly & thicker for more intense color. The overglaze changed the maroon & cinnamon quite a bit. More experiments to come including one to really check the clay shrinkage. Part of the bowls should head out the door today.

It’s a nice feeling to know pieces of me are heading out into the world. Some of the dog prints will also leave the house today. Last night I spent time packaging an Emma print order in addition to  Evelyn’s Tree  for family distribution. A Japanese paper order arrived yesterday so I can jump back into finishing editions.

This week an invitation to show at a Corvallis venue arrived thanks to artist friend Julia Lont. Nice! Yikes! I have a few ideas popping thru my brain but it has to be ready by the beginning of the year. Guess I’ll have to pull out the botanical prints (shooting star & camas) for the job and maybe a dog print? Cut paper botanical silhouettes? All of the above? We shall see!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Bowls and prints out the door!

    1. Glad you like that one Chris. Swirly… hmmmm. It was supposed to be cinnamon. Could be an interesting look…. more experimenting to come!

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