Tentacles, bowls & prints

For the second week of January, the studio schedule is feeling busy. Last week, I sat myself down and actually started planning business goals for the month. Amazingly enough it’s helping push myself forward with projects. My goal is certainly attainable… eventually. It will take a lot more product and marketing, but that’s what thisContinue reading “Tentacles, bowls & prints”

Ceramics Workshop: Ginger Steele

On October 31, I was invited to attend a workshop given by ceramic artist Ginger Steele. She produces beautifully decorated hand-built pottery. Her business is Insomnia Pottery. Here are some images from the workshop: Ginger measuring out her rolled slab. She uses quilting squares for measuring. Next she bevels the top edge and sides. ThisContinue reading “Ceramics Workshop: Ginger Steele”