Different ideas, similar approach

It’s Tuesday and I’m taking a ceramics day. The garage is finally clear enough to set up the wheel and pull out tools. On Monday I watched a nice piece on printing lithographs onto clay. The ingredients were quite straight forward: Linseed oil, Gum Arabic, Mason Stains, water, sponges, and toner based copies of artwork.Continue reading “Different ideas, similar approach”

More throwing & trimming

Many people love heading to malls for shopping but I can’t stand it. My worst nightmare is to be stuck in a mob of insane shoppers during the Christmas holiday. When I was younger it was fun to go and dream of purchasing nice clothing, cool gadgets, and a variety of stuff. Then I grewContinue reading “More throwing & trimming”

Throwing Bowls

How long has it been? One, two, four or even five years since tackling any wheel thrown projects?  Such a long hiatus. Can I actually center & pull up walls? Yes! Kind of. Fortunately new clay was purchased on Monday. Wednesday my big sister helped move the wheel back inside.  I finally gathered all theContinue reading “Throwing Bowls”