Tea Break & DMV

I’ve not been doing a speck of art for well over a week. Instead, I’ve been swamped with trying to get serious about clearing out the old homestead. Yuck!  Yesterday, I was in melt down mode after some painful emails with family and spending a wasted 1.5 hrs in line at DMV (department of motor vehicle). Over a month ago I received one story of how to deal with the paperwork.  Wednesday, I received a  “sorry, you can’t turn that in without all the other inheritance affidavits and vehicle transfer paperwork”. What a pain! I should have brought a sketch book, but ended up using my file folder to doodle on.


Obviously, I didn’t get very far with the sketches, but it did help pass some of the time. Eventually I was off to Eugene. After driving to the next office visit (much shorter than DMV!), I could finally go work at the house.

I’m horrible at taking breaks when working. On Tuesday, my friend Rosie reminded me to take tea breaks during the day. She also recommended cake to accompany tea. I could handle that! So, around 3 I pulled up a chair and took a load off my tired dogs and enjoyed my break. I also pulled up a scrap of paper to sketch the moment. Mug of tea and a square of chocolate (gluten free) cake on a plastic lid. Aerosmith happened to be playing on the radio and it just reminded me of her!  Thanks!

tea break

Today, I’m hanging at MY house and dog sitting for a friend. Our senior addition will be with us thru the weekend while her mom sells art at the Oregon Country Fair. Zaffa and Moby are having arguments over the bones in the house. There are only about 10 bones strewn around the upstairs…


Ball point pens were used for both sketches . Second sketch was on the back of crumpled computer paper.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Tea Break & DMV

    1. Goodness gracious! That’s just what my brain needed, extra ideas flopping around! Stop it Cynthia!

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