off to Art Fest and Port Townsend WA

The title says it all. Tomorrow my friends Lauren & Joanne will pick me up and head north to Port Townsend Washington for five days. This year’s class line up is:

Carla Sonheim’s “Your Inner Dr. Seuss”. A whimsical book making class with crazy & odd drawings.

Tiphoni’s “The Series”. Playing with color theory, drawing series of something and toss them on that 70’s favorite craft project “shrinky dinks”!

Jill Berry’s “Three Letter Word”. Painting letters on small deep canvases. I think my chosen word is EGG. Still not certain.

I’m looking forward to seeing friends, enjoying morning walks to the light house, searching for eagles and other wildlife, and watching the sunrise over the north cascades. Oh, and then there is the art too!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “off to Art Fest and Port Townsend WA

  1. gale look how cool your book turned out… and did you make that banner too? that is cool as well. well… all of it is cool.
    it was SO wonderful to spend the day with you in carla’s class, and i hope to see you at fall festival (yes i looked it up and have the app in the “pile”.)

    OOx c

    1. Hey Cori! Thanks for your note. Can’t wait to see your app this week. Very glad you decided to apply.
      If you’re referring to the photo taken in the house, no I didn’t make it. The one hanging over the mantle was made by my friend Jenny. She took the Prayer Flag class, not certain who the instructor was but she had fun! Our house has a tradition of creating prayer flags that hang off the porch during our time at AF.
      Carla’s class was a lot of fun. Did you take her online one?
      Hope to see you soon!

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