Cacophony of Chainsaws

This morning I woke to chainsaws at 6:45 am. Our property backs up to BPA land (Bonneville Power Admin) with large electrical towers. About 8 years ago, and we’ve been here for the past 17, they started coming through clearing the land every fall & spring. All trees and brush are whacked down. Initially it was a very shocking change, especially when they came on to our land and cleared out several trees in their easement zone. Today, it sounds like a crew of 3 or 4 guys working through the blackberry stands, willows and other small shrubby stuff. They will complete the job by 5pm.  I feel like that’s how life has been over the past 3 weeks. Something you know will be coming but don’t know when.  After my husband returned from his week of relative isolation (from electronic devices) at a fish camp along the Alaskan coastline, he spent one day home and then was off to Texas to see his father before he died. He arrived on Tuesday night to Austin and by Wednesday afternoon Leonard was gone. My life shifted quickly to find accommodations for Moby, get the cats and birds cared for and fly out on Thursday morning. Getting together due to a death really isn’t an ideal vacation plan. I did have a great time visiting family especially since I hadn’t been down for over 4 years. Nieces and nephews are growing like crazy, one grand nephew (22 months) who I finally had the opportunity to meet and entertain. We took part of an afternoon to visit with my sister-in-laws parents who had recently moved to an assisted living facility and a full evening with a group of friends. There was the open casket viewing Sunday night and burial on Monday after a church service. We stayed until the workers had placed the cement liner lid over the coffin and 2 loads of gravel had been filled and tamped down. Once home, we shifted gears rapidly to accept 2 dogs into our life for the next 18 months.

The Labradoodle boys belong to my brother’s ex who remains part of the family. She will be working as a physicians assistant in Tokoroa, New Zealand for 18 months (north island). I’ve known the boys since they were both pretty young and I’ve always had a great fondness towards them. Reggie is 7 and ended up with more lab than poodle (aka “ball freak”). Zeek is 6 and is more poodle than lab. You’ve seen their images in my prints. Moby has learned he doesn’t hold top dog status, taking the middle position over Reggie. Yes, Zeek is alpha. The poor cats have lost out on this deal. They now reside in the garage with cat posts and heated beds. The boys would like to eat them. They think attacking the front door (all glass) and barking like psychos as the cats pass is an acceptable response. We’re working on the bad behavior by keeping spray bottles of water around for quick squirts to the face. They don’t seem to like it so it might actually sink in over time. Our fence is also almost complete along the dangerous side and only requires a few thinner boards and shaping of the gate.  Nice to know that they are all safe in the back yard. Until a cat or deer appear… I’m also concerned for the skunks and other critters. It will be a wild 18 months to come!

reggie zeek

and the fence…


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9 thoughts on “Cacophony of Chainsaws

    1. I’m hoping he’s not a jumper and so far so good. We shall see what happens when temptation is on the other side of the fence!
      Already looking forward to Tom’s upcoming visit. He’s going to the coast and will be taking the boys with him! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary! The cats give it a paws down…. Moby seems to like them well enough. The following weekend we’ll add Maggie dog back into the mix for 3 days. That should be a crazy weekend! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rosie! My poor Nigel is really not happy. Meme could care less since she’s used to it. At least our cooler weather last week brought the boy home for some garage time. I’ve even moved his favorite chair out to his zone… 😦

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