Back in town

Hurray!  Today was really about art. Not sorting, dumping, recycling items from my parents home. No emails (well, as of yet) or phone calls to tree cutters (ok, it was only texting… no phone call) siblings or other folks related to the family stuff. Today I went and helped hang work by members of thisContinue reading “Back in town”

Cooling the dogs

Moby has been sacked out all day after a warm morning walk. A friend suggested giving him his own pool to play in. Duh! Why hadn’t my brain clicked into this great cooling technique??? I pulled out something close to a pool, a largish bin used for some of my projects. It did the trick.Continue reading “Cooling the dogs”

Filling in the page

Last night I was too tired and hot to even consider picking up a pencil. My day had been filled with more time in Eugene working on the house. Dinner didn’t even come together until after 9pm, but those pesto turkey burgers were yummy! Moby’s next image came this morning as I worked on myContinue reading “Filling in the page”

Dog sketch

Slowly I’ve started to incorporate more of the dogs head into the sketch, trying to figure out how the snout works in relation to the eyes and then moving into the ear zone. It still has a way to go, but that’s fine. More practice to come.  Maybe next week I’ll branch out into dogContinue reading “Dog sketch”

Another Eye

Another Moby dog eye sketch from last night. I spent the day cleaning and disassembling my dad’s work room and made some serious progress. His studio space and my sister’s old room are empty! (For those who don’t know me, I’m in the process of clearing out my parents house after their deaths) Last nightContinue reading “Another Eye”

Moby’s Eye

I’m probably going to bore you guys to tears with the dog eye images. Eyes have always been of interest to me and it seems like doing sketches will help with something down the line. Since Mr Moby is always available, he will be my main subject.  For this image, I was waiting around forContinue reading “Moby’s Eye”

Rivers III

Today I finally feel like my body has recovered from last weeks endevors. So, I spent the morning cutting chunks of dried branches for the twigs project… And then proceeded to finish burning and waxing of Rivers III, the commissioned piece. Always dicey during the waxing process but I think it looks pretty good. NowContinue reading “Rivers III”

Zaffa’s Eye

It’s not that often we are asked by friends to take on one of their dogs as a house guest. Most often it’s Ms Maggie, the border collie, who comes to visit. This week it’s a senior dog named Zaffa. She had never been to our place or met any of our household critter population.Continue reading “Zaffa’s Eye”

Tea Break & DMV

I’ve not been doing a speck of art for well over a week. Instead, I’ve been swamped with trying to get serious about clearing out the old homestead. Yuck!  Yesterday, I was in melt down mode after some painful emails with family and spending a wasted 1.5 hrs in line at DMV (department of motorContinue reading “Tea Break & DMV”

Fireworks & Burning

Last night, while others were out enjoying fireworks and merriment of our country’s independence, I spent it holding my dogs “paw” while he struggled through over two hours of explosions. In hindsight, I should have requested drugs from the vet well before that night. Not everyone in our surrounding area shoots off fireworks. You neverContinue reading “Fireworks & Burning”