Cooling the dogs


Moby has been sacked out all day after a warm morning walk. A friend suggested giving him his own pool to play in. Duh! Why hadn’t my brain clicked into this great cooling technique??? I pulled out something close to a pool, a largish bin used for some of my projects. It did the trick. He spent the next 10 minutes trying to paw out all of the water going in! This was his chance to cool off his dogs after the warm walk. Plus he received a big hose down as well. Happy dog for the rest of the day!  The sketch was created while he dozed on his favorite purple chair. I think I prefer dog eyes to feet. Feet are tough!

I’ve been spending most of my days down in Eugene. It ends up being a 100 mile/day journey, but today I took a break from dismantling the house. Good thing too since it maxed out at 97 (36 for the rest of the world). The temp on my back deck made it to 100. Fans are set up and moving air, but not helping that much. Hopefully a little wind will pick up and cool things down tonight.

basil lemon

The above photo is of my cooling off drink creation:  basil lemonade. Muddle basil with sugar, add squeezed lemon juice, cold water and ice. Yummy! Of course, I know some of my friends/family find basil in drinks revolting. All I can say is if you like lavender lemonade, you might give basil a try! Mint might be good too….

More Eugene tomorrow and the weather report says it will be cooler. I hope they are right!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Cooling the dogs

  1. Your drink sounds delightful, I will try it, haven’t used basil in a drink but I love it. I used to use a kids round wading pool for Geese, Moby is so big tho, but he might enjoy one, relatively cheep.
    I can’t imagine 97 there, Toooo hot. glad you didn’t make the trip in that, hard on cars. Pace yourself, my dear. Love, Jean

    1. Oh, the geese! I always associate them with the farm you had. Talk about great watch dogs. Those nips were horrible as a young child. 🙂
      Next time I swing by a suitable store, I’ll probably pick up a pool. Or I could “accidentally” let him in our neighbors above ground one. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little dog hair…
      love you lots!

  2. Annie has a kiddie pool in the back yard and she loves it. We have both been known to sit with our feet dangling in while she splashes away. Well worth the $9 it set me back at BiMart. I love your paw drawings. I’ve always loved dog paws. I find them fascinating. Good work!

    1. Thanks Tracie. Oh, I would love to just sit back and really enjoy a warm day with my feet in a pool. If my brain is working this weekend, I’ll have to swing by BiMart and check their supply. I think I even have the card in my wallet!
      Maybe I’ll get some more drawing time in today….

  3. Wow Gale, that’s really hot weather you’re having!! We just had the hottest day I’ve experienced, where I lived for the last 6 years – a mere 30 degrees. Because I live on the coast, the usual dizzy heights for a good summer’s day is 19 – 21 degrees! Your drink looks so lovely and cooling 🙂

    1. Coastal weather is so nice! I can’t believe it got to be 30?! Incredible! Our temps dipped down again, but are expected to go up for the next few days. This morning it’s beautiful, sunny, and smudgy from wildfire smoke and the tilling of farmers fields.

      1. Yeah, the coastal weather is nice, though sometimes a little disappointing when its 14 or 15 here and 23 upwards inland! Hope you are enjoying your cooler weather and it doesn’t get too hot in the next few days. Love your description of your morning!!

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