Vet time


I’ve been a giant slacker with blog posting due to our crazy household and lack of art creation. We just passed the Week 2 mark with the new dogs. They’re acclimating but I’ve never experienced such horrible dog breath in my life!! These two enjoy giving smooches and breathing right in your face. Blech! Was the odor due to the inexpensive dog food or bad dental hygiene? During the big holiday weekend, I started rooting around in Zeeks mouth to see what might be up with his teeth.  The inspection said it all. One of his really big molars was not right and his gums were receding.  Yes, a definite trip to the vet was about to happen.

So today, Wednesday, we ALL ventured into the vet for Zeek & Moby. I wrangled them into the Isuzu and met Dave there. At the vet, we noticed a HUGE positive change in Moby’s demeanor. He was much more agreeable and actually greeted the receptionist Pam without a menacing bark/growl. Zeek & Reggie were happy to meet everyone there, ready to kiss and rub up against any welcoming person. Apparently Moby needs extra dogs in his life to relieve stress. What a huge relief to know this could help change the negative personality problems we’ve been experiencing. Granted, he still had to be muzzled for the inspection, but once Dave took hold of Moby’s head and I had his body our vet Steve could actually palpate the growth. Zeek had absolutely no issues with these strange people opening his mouth and looking around. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it can be. So Zeek and Moby are both in for surgery and Reggie and I are at home.

The cats have boycotted the house. MeMe unfortunately experienced how quickly Zeek can run after her fuzzy kitty ass. Not the best thing for a cat with heart problems. She went missing for a full 24 hrs and I’ve seen her twice since then. Not certain where she has been hanging out, but the rain will probably force her to come home tonight. Nigel also remains unimpressed with the situation.

On Monday we went walking out towards Buena Vista and the Luckimute river. Our neighbor Gail has been game for tagging along with our crazy walks and suggested this particular location. It seems to be managed for waterfowl and native species. Dogs are not allowed off leash during nesting season. Since we’re in September the dogs got a good romp and swim. I had a not so lovely encounter with a Yellow Jacket Wasp (stung my back). The dogs had a great time. We will have to go check out a couple of other sites on that road.

BV walk

Dave, neighbor Gail and the pooches

Buena Vista WalkLooking across some of the fields. Moby loved romping through this one. He’s out there… but I couldn’t get a shot with his head above the grasses.

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2 thoughts on “Vet time

    1. I think you might be right. E collar (yes, the collar of shame) now resides around the neck of my crazy boy. He requires supervision for a time and possibly up to 14 days to make sure he doesn’t open his sutures. I’ll email ya later! 😦

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