Lee’s progress

Slowly but surely Lee is gathering steam and pulling him self out pain. Yesterday he took a much needed shower. His pain med stretches are extending out to 4 hrs between doses (much better than the 1.5-2 hr stretches). Wow, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I seem to have some virusContinue reading “Lee’s progress”

Kauai Trip: a fowl situation

One thing the guide books all mentioned was the chicken population. The Red Junglefowl or Moa (Gallus gallus) were originally introduced by the Polynesian colonist. The males are stunning with bright colors and distinctive red combs. Sickle shaped feathers reminded me of leaves from the Koa tree. The wild population resides inside Koke’e State Park,Continue reading “Kauai Trip: a fowl situation”

Kauai Trip: the hike to nowhere

While visiting the Koke’e State Park, we decided to take advantage of our Jeep rental and a new map with directions to trail heads. After rocking and rolling over some rough road (whacking the head a couple of times on the door), and back tracking a few times, we arrived. Or was it really theContinue reading “Kauai Trip: the hike to nowhere”

2pm surgery schedule

Lee finally is tentatively scheduled for his procedure Friday.  There were huge gaps of information passing between patient and hospital.  Lee had agreed last night on opting into the surgery, not like he really had another choice.  Somehow the upper folks/surgeons didn’t get that message.  Kim had to “get medieval” , (her term, not mine),Continue reading “2pm surgery schedule”

Kauai Trip: Kalalau Valley on Na Pali coastline

If one continues up the road from Waimea Canyon overview they will encounter the dramatically different view. These images are taken from Pu’u O Kila Lookout.  We visited twice during the day. Some locals let us know that early morning is often the best chance for cloud breaks. We had arrived around 11am and theContinue reading “Kauai Trip: Kalalau Valley on Na Pali coastline”

Kauai Trip: Waimea Canyon

Lesson number one: always check your batteries and camera storage capacity BEFORE leaving on a tropical vacation. Our first day out was to explore the north shore up around Hanalei, Limahuli Garden & Preserve ($15 entry fee), Haena and what ever else we could find in that area without my camera. Fortunately 3 other camerasContinue reading “Kauai Trip: Waimea Canyon”