A visit from Tom

This memorial weekend brought us a visit from my brother Tom. What a treat! He even went over and worked on the rental (big kudos for him!). Mainly it was to hang out and visit with Lee  & help celebrate Kim’s birthday. We had a small party that involved plenty of spaghetti with meatballs, redContinue reading “A visit from Tom”

Lee and other stuff

Life has certainly been interesting again. Lee had been making good progress after kyphoplasty. Unfortunately Sunday he caused another compression fracture in a vertebrae above the first one. Mike mentioned last night that there are 5 vertebrae prone to this and we can probably look forward to 4 more kyphoplasties before recovery. Yippee! What aContinue reading “Lee and other stuff”

she project 2010

The phrase I received this year: She advocates for peace. What I came up with…. Peace symbols are cut paper stitched together and hanging from a top bar inside the frame, acting like a quilt. Background is watercolor and pencil.  Same frame as last year. Reception is on Thursday June 3 at the Corvallis publicContinue reading “she project 2010”

Kauai Trip: Po’ipu hike

Along the southern edge of Kauai is a 2+ mile trail that travels along the shoreline to a beach. The Maha’ulepu coast trail starts next to the Hyatt Regency Resort at Shipwreck beach and heads east. It snakes along the shoreline over Makawehi bluff, traverses part of the golf course, through an ancient heiau, overContinue reading “Kauai Trip: Po’ipu hike”

shingles: apparently they are not just for houses!

Last week I was served a virus that happened to have a side order of rash (on my shoulder). Can you tell it’s lunch time? Little did I realize it was something special! On late Saturday I let my fingers do some searching via google and everything kept pointing towards shingles. What a pain, quiteContinue reading “shingles: apparently they are not just for houses!”

Kauai Trip: waterfalls and sunset

Our mornings were pretty laid back, enjoying the sunrise, watching the turtle & surfer population, and drinking coffee. On this day our plan was to head east to view two waterfalls: Wailua &  Opaeka’a Falls. Morning on the lanai… Mike & Shannon getting ready for the day. Surfers already out enjoying the morning waves. FirstContinue reading “Kauai Trip: waterfalls and sunset”