Lee and other stuff

Life has certainly been interesting again. Lee had been making good progress after kyphoplasty. Unfortunately Sunday he caused another compression fracture in a vertebrae above the first one. Mike mentioned last night that there are 5 vertebrae prone to this and we can probably look forward to 4 more kyphoplasties before recovery. Yippee! What a pain! So, he will be going in for an x-ray today. We all really wish they could just jump to the MRI, but no… they have to follow procedures set up by evil insurance companies. Take your calcium so it doesn’t happen to you! Osteoporosis sucks.

I’ve almost completed painting out rental #6. Mike, Shannon, Kim & Dave all chipped in and helped on Sunday. One more day should take care of it. Then it’s on to cleaning the bathroom & kitchen and fix problems in those zones. It might be delayed due to Lee’s current condition, but that’s just how it goes. Kim needs to work. We can’t rely on her for all the home care. She has taken on quite a bit already by living there and we so appreciate it!! We all keep thinking about going to Yachats, but I think we’ll be making yet another trip to Riverbend instead.

I’ll let you know what becomes of Lee’s back saga.

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2 thoughts on “Lee and other stuff

    1. Thanks!
      They took 3 x-rays today. Not certain when a radiologist can read them. We hope it will happen sooner than later. Nothing like a 3 day weekend fast approaching.

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