MRI here we come!

MRI at 2:30 today for the old crunchy-broken back guy.

Apparently Lee’s physician was initially skeptical of yet another fractured vertebrae. However, the three x-rays did show some sort of fracture and things are moving forward more rapidly. We’re all happy about this but realize kyphoplasty will not be issued until some time next week. 3 day weekends can put a crimp on things. I’m a tad uncertain how to move the old guy to 2 doctor visits today. We may have to bring along extra pain medication.

Rental #6 is finally through with painting (except a couple of touch up spots). I should really get a photo of the ceiling because it’s an impressive structure my dad pulled off. Now on to cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and a few other things inside plus board replacement outside, gutter cleaning…. and it should be about done. Still not certain what will happen with carpets. Do we replace or wait? Right now I’m thinking wait!  Let’s get those renters into the spot & get some funding rolling!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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