Kauai Trip: Spouting Horn

One of the mornings Kim, Dave & I took a mile+ walk out to Spouting Horn.

Sunshine had yet to reach Kukui’ula Harbor.

Spouting Horn is located at the end of Lawa’i road on the south shore of Kauai, just outside of Koloa.

One thing I wish we had brought along was a sound recording device. The air and water pushing up through the main vent and a smaller back vent sounded like a roar. I think there is a story about that point being protected by a dragon or some creature.

Ironwood trees are in the foreground. They are originally from Australia.

My big sister Kim & Dave.

Kim looking east. There were several sea turtles grazing on rocks off the shelf below. That was the first time Kim has ever seen a sea turtle.

Looking east towards Po’ipu.

Next: Po’ipu hike

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Kauai Trip: Spouting Horn

    1. What an interesting memory Chris. There is a certain smell change when the sunshine hits the land, warming things up so quickly. hmmm…
      Thanks for that thought! đŸ™‚

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