Kauai Trip: Kalalau Valley on Na Pali coastline

If one continues up the road from Waimea Canyon overview they will encounter the dramatically different view. These images are taken from Pu’u O Kila Lookout.  We visited twice during the day. Some locals let us know that early morning is often the best chance for cloud breaks. We had arrived around 11am and the clouds were thick.

Below: Dave & Mike waiting for clouds to part.

Waiting for a view… Shannon on far right, Dave to her left.

Fortunately, the inland view was much better.

Once clouds dissipated around 3pm, the view of Kalalau Valley was spectacular.

Still a bit of clouds passing through…

The Ohi’a lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha) is one of the taller flowering trees in this area. Ohi’a trees were used in many Hawaiian traditions ranging from leis, wood carving &  house construction. Their elegant red flowers attract not only honey bees but the beautiful endemic ‘Apapane bird. I felt fortunate to witness several that day moving through the trees. Apapane’s are red just like Ohi’a flowers.

Ohi’a bloom with honey bee.

A happy Dave!

Next blog entry will be “The Hike to Nowhere!” aka Dave’s adventure.

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    1. There are still some pretty good air prices from the US, Japan I don’t know. Wish I could head back there next week!

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