2pm surgery schedule

Lee finally is tentatively scheduled for his procedure Friday.  There were huge gaps of information passing between patient and hospital.  Lee had agreed last night on opting into the surgery, not like he really had another choice.  Somehow the upper folks/surgeons didn’t get that message.  Kim had to “get medieval” , (her term, not mine),Continue reading “2pm surgery schedule”

Kauai Trip: Kalalau Valley on Na Pali coastline

If one continues up the road from Waimea Canyon overview they will encounter the dramatically different view. These images are taken from Pu’u O Kila Lookout.  We visited twice during the day. Some locals let us know that early morning is often the best chance for cloud breaks. We had arrived around 11am and theContinue reading “Kauai Trip: Kalalau Valley on Na Pali coastline”