Kauai Trip: a fowl situation

One thing the guide books all mentioned was the chicken population.

The Red Junglefowl or Moa (Gallus gallus) were originally introduced by the Polynesian colonist. The males are stunning with bright colors and distinctive red combs. Sickle shaped feathers reminded me of leaves from the Koa tree. The wild population resides inside Koke’e State Park, but there certainly were plenty of feral ones throughout the island. These images were taken from the picnic area by Koke’e Museum/park headquarters.

They were everywhere!

Hens lacked distinctive coloration. Their job is to blend in.

Why are they so captivating?

Handsome devils!


I’ve had a fascination with chickens for many years. In the Chinese zodiac calendar, I’m year of the rooster. Maybe that explains why.  Probably stems from the joy of picking up hens at my cousins grandmothers farm near Santa Cruz CA. A hen laid a memorable egg on my foot as I lifted her off the nest.

Too much chickens…

Next posting: Ferns

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