Kauai Trip: Waimea Canyon

Lesson number one: always check your batteries and camera storage capacity BEFORE leaving on a tropical vacation. Our first day out was to explore the north shore up around Hanalei, Limahuli Garden & Preserve ($15 entry fee), Haena and what ever else we could find in that area without my camera. Fortunately 3 other cameras were snapping images. What we discovered were beautiful vistas, lush jungle and loads of  mosquitoes at the gardens. Please remember to take good bug spray when visiting the garden. The park does offer lavender oil spray which seemed to work for some. The plants were good to see and they provided a nice publication for future reference. The mosquitoes provided me with days of scratching pleasure… 17 bites on one leg, 15 on the other plus extra for each arm.

The next day was spent exploring Waimea Canyon and Koke’e Park. This post will show the canyon photos.

Visiting the canyon is worth the drive. Canyon facts: it is 1,500 to 2,500 feet deep, 2-2.5 miles across and runs 13 miles from north to south. Pretty impressive for a small island!

The first couple of shots were taken around noon. Can you spot the sheets of rain heading in our direction?

The next shot was taken around 4pm. Rain had cleared and the sun setting.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Kauai Trip: Waimea Canyon

    1. where? Where? I want to see them!
      As we were leaving Kauai, our enterprise bus driver told us Pierce Brosnan lives up in Hanalei and that Jonny Depp was currently on the island as well. Pirates of Carib will start filming #4 this summer on Kauai. Think I might need to head back over for some art research! 😉

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