Getting started

paper patterns

Finally, I have a break to seriously start work on the Camas Project. It’s taken several weeks to accumulate supplies, with glue being the last to arrive. Some parts are still missing but that’s ok for now. They won’t be necessary until August, but I’ll start gathering in early July. Wire forms are slowly getting covered with dress pattern paper. All the dress marks, arrows, circles and lines are adding a fun quality to the forms I hadn’t expected.

One thing I didn’t anticipate was what to do with the drying parts.  The individual flower/buds  require a long drying period with the new glue. Depending on the weather, which happens to be cold and rainy, it could take several hours to days (and I’m guessing days right now!).  I’ve resorted to hanging the finished camas buds on a wood frame to avoid damage by dogs or husband. It’s always a challenge when working in small home studio spaces!

hanging pods


I’ll continue to crank out a wide variety of bud sizes and also start work on constructing open flower petals. It’s all assembly line process for the moment. I’m kind of looking forward to playing with the encaustic wax  once we get up into the 80’s!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Getting started

    1. It’s going to be interesting to see how oil bars work on the surface after encaustic wax application. Always something new to confuse my brain.
      I really like the markings too!

    1. I can tell you right now that what I create with encaustic wax isl NOT traditional. Encaustic paintings are created on a board with colored wax and lots of layers. 😀 Even the mix of resin to wax isn’t the traditional percentages. I’m using it for one reason: to reach a certain level of translucency. Too bad the flowers and buds wont be lit from the interior. 😦
      Hopefully I might be able to start waxing on Monday night… if everything goes well with the house sale.

      1. It should all be over and done Monday night, with exception of a roof leak fix bill. This is the last property sale and I’m happy to be moving on with life. 😀

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