It happens every night, even if we can’t remember doing so. They can be so full of extraordinary things than shift in a millisecond.  People you love reappear and life can seem almost normal… until you wake in the dark to the sound of breathing and a dog licking it’s paws. Last night I dreamed that we had moved my mother into a different care facility. Dave and I were taking her swimming in the rehab pool which she seemed to enjoy,  but was complaining the entire time (like normal). For some reason the facility was having problems with swarming honeybees. The little guys were clinging to the ceiling, flying down hallways & getting everywhere. Honeycomb stalactites hung at the ends of hallways, dripping pools of amber onto the grey floor… bizarre!

This probably all stemmed from Kim mentioning something at dinner last night that made me sad. Before last September, Lee & Evelyn had the habit of calling each other when one was at the coast & the other in Eugene. Lee would save up his stories for their evening phone call. He still finds himself doing that,mentally saving the daily events to tell her later. Unfortunately, later is a long ways off. Now he receives an almost daily phone call from me to check in. I started calling after her surgery. It’s my evening routine to check-in, grab some comfort hearing my father and sisters voice, hear what they did that day. We are all missing her.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “dreams

  1. Honey definitely represents the sweet spots in life and this dream surely drips with the reminder to cherish them!

    I bought my Mom a beautiful journal after my Dad died. I tucked a photo of the two of them inside the cover and urged her to write a letter to him whenever she felt like it. It’s become a daily ritual now and she has shared that she feels better able to hear his response as she has gotten more practiced at being still with her thoughts.

    Lee could do the same leaving a stone in a special place at the beach, writing a note, making a tape recording or of course sharing some of his day with you! A good support system makes all the difference!

  2. We spend alot of time talking about Evelyn at our house and thinking about all of you. The tears flow pretty easily still.

    We are planting a patch of snow drops on Sunday as Evelyn’s little garden here in Simsbury and reading one of our favorite stories.

    We miss all of you and her very much! Love K & Z

    1. Snow drops are perfect. I remember when she sent Zac his first bunch of bulbs. I remember as a child planting them outside my bedroom window. It was always exciting to see them come up.
      Hugs to you both!
      Love, Gale

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